Studio Rental

Studio size: 11.5m x 8m
Backdrop size: 2.8m x 2.8m

City: Singapore
Minimum rental duration per session: 2 Hours
Cancellation Policy (see support for details): Flexible (7-day)
Studio Capacity (standing): 15
Equipment: Lights: - 2 x Godox DP400III - 1 x AD600 Pro* - 5 x Goldenshell EC300 Strobe (Optical Slave Only)* - 1 x Godox Speedlite External Flash​ - 1 x Godox XT2 Wireless Flash Trigger Video Lights: - 5 x Yongnuo Bi-Colour LED Light Panel* - 1 x LED Light Panel - 2 x Longman Parcan LED Stage Light (Large)* - 3 x Longman Parcan LED Stage Light (Small)* Light Modifiers: - 2 x Godox Deep Octagon Softbox 95cm - 2 x Phottix Raja Rectangular Softbox 60cm x 90cm - 1 x Phottix Raja Softbox 150cm - 1 x Parabolic Umbrella 120cm - 3 x Translucent Umbrella 84cm - 1 x Black/ Silver Umbrella 84cm - 1 x Speedlite Flash Diffuser 15cm x 17cm - 2 x Snoot - 1 x Silver Beauty Dish - 3 x 7" Standard Reflector w/ Honeycomb Grids - 2x 5" Standard Reflector - 2 x Barndoor Kit w/ Honeycomb Grids & 4 Colour Gel Filters - 1 x 5-in-1 Reflector Set 80cm (White, Translucent, Silver, Gold & Black) - 1 x Large 5-in-1 Reflector 200cm x 145cm (White, Translucent, Silver, Gold & Black) Studio Support: - 4 x C-Stands - 3 x Light Stand - 1 x Reflector Holder - 2 x Meking Autopole - 3 x Pipe Clamp w/ Baby Pin - 2 x Cheeseborough - 1 x Smoke Machine* - 5 x Sandbags - 1 x Tethering Cable - 1 x LG Curved HDMI TV 125cm x 75cm*
Props: Varying chairs, tables, fabrics, plants, flowers, vases, pots, decorative items, mirrors, ladder, wooden boards
Backdrop colors available: White, Black, Slate Grey, Chrome Tech Green, Nassau (Blue), Mardi Gras (Pink) & Canary (Yellow)
Studio Rules: Adhere to terms & conditions as per studio's contract. No pets allowed unless for shoot purposes
Studio suitable for:
Cake Smash
Studio Amenities:
Air Conditioned
Lighting equipment
Natural light
Free Wifi
Medium Sized Mirror
Microwave Oven
Clothing Racks & Hangers
Vacuum Cleaner
Tethering Table
Flatscreen TV
PA system/music speakers
Food and Drinks:
Complimentary water
BYO alcohol allowed
External catering allowed
Complimentary tea | coffee
Hot | Cold Water Dispenser
Kitchen facilities for guests
Close to MRT | Bus stop
Wheelchair Accessible
Cargo lift
Paid Parking on-site
Paid Parking nearby
Changing Room
Private restroom
Makeup Area
Living Area
Own Music Allowed
Pets allowed
Disabled access toilets