Hi, I’m Valent! I love photography, yet I feel its meaning is being lost in this online world. We’ve all seen those picture perfect family shots that are so staged and look nothing like them in real life? What happened to the simple, authentic moments we all have in our lives?

I’d rather a shot where your hair is tossed naturally in the wind, your shirt is slightly crinkled, but that gaze between you is spontaneous and genuine. I’d rather see your child immersed in their own world of make believe, than making a forced smile at the camera. I’d rather you’re all squished in a heartfelt hug, than smiling in a cold clinical embrace.

Because no matter what’s happening in life, despite small daily frustrations, everyone has something worth celebrating, right now. Photographs are for celebrating you and your loved ones. They’re for you to enjoy now, tomorrow, and even in ten years; not to show off your Facebook-esque perfection. Most of us are flawed, but there’s unmistakable beauty in our connections, our relationships. It’s the authentic, honest moments that we will look back on with a smile.

To capture the best in you takes a special form of empathy. It takes a deep understanding of what makes you, your relationships and the important times in life special and meaningful to you. This secret ingredient, a special quality that I have worked to develop and evolve, is how I help you shine through.

If you want to celebrate those close to you in a uniquely heart-felt and artistic way, I’d love to have a chat.

What do you love about your job?: My job is to change how people see themselves. If you're camera shy, or not sure how to pose, we'd love to help you. See why our clients say our experience is easy and enjoyable!
Awards or recognition that you received: We have hundreds of awards and exhibitions over the years, too many to list. Visit our web page to see some of them.
Clients: We have served hundreds of clients in the Sydney area, and even some international ones! We have individuals, families, small businesses, even multinational corporations as our clients.
Camera & Equipment: We have access to a range of professional camera equipment and lighting to work with any situation.
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